In 2022 John Cotton Group completed the rollout of 30% recycled content packaging from UK suppliers across all its lines, having also introduced 50% & 100% recycled content on select product lines. 

This milestone is the first part of the group’s ambitious new packaging plan, which aims to reduce the use of natural resources, support a circular economy and protect the environment. 

With the support of our customers and supplier partners, John Cotton Group has removed almost 600 more tonnes of plastic from packaging in comparison to 2019 and is on track to reduce its use of virgin plastic by 50%, much earlier than the original target date of 2025.

Beyond the packaging plan, John Cotton group has committed to further targets to expand its standing as a circular economy business, and an industry leader of sustainability, to become a Carbon Net Zero business. This includes constantly looking at ways to innovate the business when it comes to sustainability, including the re-use of feather and down in the EarthKind brand and developing a closed-loop process for natural products across all of its portfolio of brands with further milestones to be announced in the coming months.

John Cotton Group has already made waves in becoming a pioneer of sustainability in the UK textile industry. For over 100 years, it has been recycling garments and textile waste, by manufacturing textile waste into new products, currently equating to over 200 tonnes per week.

Offcuts produced by John Cotton during the manufacture of home textile products are also recycled, which adds up to roughly 16 tonnes a week. 

In addition, the group has reduced its Carbon emission intensity related to energy use by 16.3% in 2021 vs 2020 as part of the Carbon Net Zero commitment.

The Snuggledown facility (Wigan) is already a zero-waste to landfill site, with the target by the end of 2030 to extend this achievement across all companies in the John Cotton family as part of a wider commitment to reduce waste and improve recycling.

“At John Cotton Group, we recognise that we need to have a responsible approach to doing business that goes beyond meeting legal and regulatory requirements. Sustainability is built into the DNA of our business, so making this move towards recycled packaging makes complete sense. 

“Whilst sustainability has long been a priority for John Cotton, ensuring we are doing all we can to combat climate change is more important now than ever. Introducing 30% recycled content