EarthKind is our new sustainable bedding brand dedicated to creating premium, high-quality bedding using recycled down, feather and synthetic fibres.

EarthKind products are also Zero Waste to Landfill certified—and are the first bedding product ever to be given this accreditation.

EarthKind produces down and feather bedding, made from 100% recycled premium natural fillings. Feather and down is perfect for being recycled—despite its fragile appearance, it’s actually strong and durable. This in turn allows the down to maintain its thermal properties once it’s been through the recycling process, emerging as soft and fluffy as it ever was.

Feathers and down are sourced, hand-checked and then carefully washed. The filling is then heat treated to ensure it is both dry and sterilised, resulting in a new premium blend of filling that’s every bit as luxurious as the original, ready to be hand-filled into responsibly sourced cotton cases.

EarthKind also asks its customers to think differently about synthetic bedding. Its synthetic polyester duvets and pillows are made from 100% recycled materials, including plastic bottles and clothes.

“Our Ethos is to create the world’s best recycled and sustainably sourced bedding. At the heart of what we do is the desire to make it easier for people to choose recycled products.

We believe that putting the planet first shouldn’t mean having to settle for second best and that the need to recycle and achieving quality can go hand in hand. When it does, doing right isn’t just an easy choice to make, it’s the only one.

By filling our EarthKind duvets and pillows only with quality reclaimed and recycled feather and down or polyester, we’re working hard to do our bit to create hope for the future.

We’re passionate about championing recycling in the bedding industry, and we’re committed to leading the way whilst encouraging others to join us in doing what’s right for the environment and our customers.” – Neil McMillan, Innovation Director, John Cotton Group.

For over 100 years, John Cotton Group have been recycling garments and textile waste, by manufacturing waste into new products, including over 1.7 billion plastic bottles, diverted from oceans and landfill. For more information on John Cotton Groups Sustainability targets, Click Here